red profesional | bolsa de trabajo | Costa Rica

project manager

2 años
rec. humanos
jornada completa
750000 USD mes
hace más de 60 días
1. The supplier will define site ops projects, facilitate projects scope, define project task and will develop full scale project plans. 2. Supplier will be in charge of: site ops finances budget for site ops activities-includes engagement activities, living progress program all projects for corporate social responsibility and transportation for employees - more than 110 routes from tree cities to the different sites of HPE and viceversa. 3. -Accountability: Meets established expectations and takes responsibility for achieving results encourages others to do the same. 4- Collaborates: Engages others by gathering multiple views and being open to diverse perspectives, focusing on a shared purpose that puts the companys overall success first. 5- BUdget. 6- Suppliers

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