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community manager

Santa Ana
5 años
jornada completa
11111 USD mes
hace más de 60 días
1. Work with Managing Director and other Managers to outline the business strategic direction.
2. Contribute to the Company’s online marketing and outreach strategies development.
3. Collaborate with Operations Team members, to prepare communication strategies related to major partnerships, events, and promotions.
4. Build structures, processes, and guidance for communications intended to promote the company’s brand.
5. Manage daily execution of paid search campaigns across social media.
6. Manage and Monitor Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other relevant social networks, to actively lead discussions across their communities and blogs.
7. Responsible for customer support at social media: Answering questions and managing online feedback.
8. Work closely with our engineering and IT Operation Teams to streamline processes.
9. Lead copywriting process to ensure our communications reflect our brand, our quality, and our values.
10. Communicate customer suggestion and provide ideas for product improvement.

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