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rec. humanos
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The areas of responsibilities/skills for the Technical Recruiter include:
 Review. Successfully review job descriptions in to understand the needs of the client requests as well to ask questions that’ll help you identify the right candidates. This is by far the most important skill a technical recruiter needs.
 Understand technology, technical roles and technical skills. Learn and evaluate your technical skills
 Identify. Sourcing and uncovering candidates in different candidates databases.
 Screen. Ascertaining the competence of candidates against a technical job description
 Interview. Meeting candidates by, telephone, or video conference etc to assess their qualifications
 Following up. Keep your candidates in the loop. This goes a long way to build your credibility and keep your candidates either coming back to you or sending referrals to you.
 Present. Showing or offering candidate resume to hiring manager and the recruitment team to scrutinize or consider

To carry out these tasks the technical recruiter needs the following skills:
 Technology knowledge – Ability to understand technology and to keep abreast of technology trends at Client’s Company.
 Maturity – Recruiter level needs to equal or above that of the candidate
 Relationship Building – Start every conversation with the intent to build, develop and maintain relationships with your candidates.

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