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médico con enfoque comercial

3 años
jornada completa
7000 USD mes
hace más de 60 días
The MSL is a field-facing role whose main objective is to engage with external stakeholders on medical/scientific topics. The MSL should aim to build a long-term peer-to-peer relationship with external stakeholders. Focus should be placed on sharing of medical scientific exchange and under no circumstance sharing of product promotional information. MSLs should represent a credible source of scientific information vis-à-vis external stakeholders.

The MSL scientifically engages influential external stakeholders, such as physicians and HCPs, pre-launch about Dengue disease, and post-launch about Dengue vaccine, results of Sanofi Pasteur clinical trials, licensing information and local recommendations for use. The MSL is expected to be a vaccine disease expert and to facilitate information sharing on research developments and field activities associated with the Dengue vaccine.

In addition, the MSL is expected to build strong cross-functional relationships with colleagues in Medical Affairs and Commercial Operations, while maintaining full compliance with all relevant company, industry, legal, and regulatory requirements. The insights gained by the MSL while engaging with stakeholders are to be shared with the broader organization in order to contribute to updates of messages, plans, and strategy.

The MSL will leverage existing educational slide decks developed by global Medical Affairs and the country Medical Manager and will follow all applicable internal procedures for the review and approval of any education material he/she adapts.

 MSLs need to travel substantially given the field-facing nature of the role
 MSL handles KOLs complex and controversial opinions addresses and defends corporate policy which may be controversial with KOLs
 MSL adhere to and work within clear compliance regulations and ensures the information shared with stakeholders is non-promotional in nature

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